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About Us

Hi! Welcome to Giggle and Greenary Trust

No One Becomes Poor By Giving

Giggle and Greenary Trust is a Non-Government Organisation with apolitical ideology. It solely works to encourage humanity and to uplift the status of needy. Giggle and Greenary Trust includes many social workers who are dedicated to supporting the weaker sections of the society. It aims to strengthen the weak, poor and needy part of Indian population. Giggle and Greenary Trust makes sure to encourage the needy population of all religion, age and gender. We welcome you to be part of our foundation and be the support for the nation. We need you as our helping hand to run this foundation and to make India a developed nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift the weaker section of our nation into order to provide them with human rights . We also aim to create awareness among people about their responsiblities towards their society and to motivate them to be helping hand in strenghtening the underprivileged population of our nation.

Our Vission

Our vision is to serve the weak and needy with basic necessities of life –food, water, shelter, health care, safety and basic education in order to improve the quality of their life.

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